Screw it, can’t regret this forever…

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headbanging playing bass on a hill

Like I said, you only live once, screw it. I gotta share this. I do feel a little weird about it…

This song has a verse I regret writing. It was just a bit too raw and revealing. So I deleted the whole album from Spotify, just to remove that one verse lol.

But for a small forum like this (pretty much just my subscribers & that’s you:)) I feel ok sharing it… I’m giving you this private version of “C’mon Baby…” containing very sensitive subject matter, for free. As a thank you for being a subscriber. No action required:)

Just click here to download the uncut version of “C’mon baby Let’s Fly” for FREE!

This rare version is nowhere on the internet. I admit that the physical CD’s of ‘Single’ have it, but there are limited copies of those which are only sold at shows…

The album title is about being “single” in the music biz- being independent and unsigned. Not always the easiest, breeziest path… but it’s always, always worth the struggle – staying up ‘til 7 A.M. after the Sat. night gig to learn hard music to play at church in the morning. Or making time for friends and family when you’re always touring… Or now, just staying afloat during this pandemic when all gigs are cancelled. It’s the good fight, and I wouldn’t trade this journey for anything:)

If you’d like to hear the most recent milestone of this journey, you can listen to my latest album, called ‘Single’, by clicking here.

And after you’ve had a chance to check out that rare, raw version of “C’mon Baby Let’s Fly”, please feel free to comment below or email directly. While I shouldn’t say exactly what it’s about, I’d love to hear what you think:)

Thank you for listening. You make this music count! -B