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Brian Rogers is a Bohemian Bassist Songwriter who got bars 💯 fusing jazz with rapid-fire, Spoken Word lyrical delivery…

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PRINCE COVER – “THE BEAUTIFUL ONES” on bass and vocals


“Really great video – great arrangement & production in the song. Love your voice. Congrats! Great Work.” –Derek Sivers, creator of CD Baby
(world’s largest indie music store)


If you’d like to listen to more of my music, you can always peep my latest album, called ‘Single’, here. Thanks for just bein here, I don’t take that lightly:)



Short Bio

Crhis Tucker and Larry Graham and me

Chris Tucker and Sly & the Family Stone’s Larry Graham

Brian has opened for Blues Traveler and members from Dave Matthews Band. He’s performed with Sly and The Family Stone’s Larry Graham at the storied music venue, Yoshi’s in Oakland, California.

Brian’s drumming has appeared on MTV’s Laguna Beach, and he even sang and played a private party for Chris Tucker. His music has taken him across the United States to Mexico, Vietnam and Nicaragua.

He’s released 2 solo albums, but perhaps more importantly his Northern California music team NUSAM (Nicaraguan U.S.A. musicians) recorded 67 songs for 25 Nicaraguan artists for free, and donated school supplies to their village’s children (learn more at

He has performed at High Sierra Music Festival and Kaboo Music Festival in San Diego, which featured Ben Harper, Michael Franti, Zak Brown Band, The Roots, Snoop Dogg, No Doubt and more.

Brian is twice inducted into the SAMMIES Hall of Fame– Once as a singer, once as drummer (As a drummer, he has opened for Warren Yo-yo Ma)

NOTE: When his mother forced him to play when he was 11, he chose the clarinet. Brian still squeaks around on it once per year.


Millions of listeners per day download the WTF Podcast by Marc Maron – Marc featured Brian’s cat on the podcast! Check it out:


julius my cat, marc maron and me wtf



dope bass photo / singing and playing basswebsite—
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“I don’t play upright bass. This was like my 4th time lol…” -Brian Rogers

Brian Rogers sings walking on the moon

JOHN POPPER – “Brian Rogers is good music.”

ROCK & ROLL HALL of FAME Singer / Bassist Larry Graham – “I esp. love his lyrics and bass.”

EMMY winner Beth Ruyak – “An extraordinary vocalist, drummer and bassist who dances with music and language. There is a radiance that really comes from him, aside from the music…”

Hi Res Photos

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from the stage at rogue theater

Opening up for Sen. Bernie Sanders at Bonney Field - Sacramento, CA

At Bonney Field – Sacramento, CA

me and rasar lit onstage

straight on at the camera with bassstraight on at the camera with bass small
Lion photo
elk 2
nibblers main stage small










brian jumps like a tadpole small

nibblers at camp happiness small







wild drum dreadlocks flying shirtless



smiling with bass in sepia tone small







rockin cal expo small


in your face onstage small







head shot (sunset)

rockin out for Chris Tucker




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