R.I.P. Branden O’Tarrow

EVERYTHING spilled out:

ALL my feelings came out

This was because Branden O’Tarrow – My good friend – jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge.
And Because it was a foggy night, the security camera didn’t actually catch him jump.
You could just see him walk off into the fog…

One week before he died, he called me to hang out. But I was too busy. I wasn’t there for him.
None of our homies were. We all kinda ghosted him when he needed us most.

Did WE kill him?
No, “I killed him.”

He let me use his drumset when I didn’t have one.
He thought I was cool enough to be in his band
when everyone else thought I was a too much of a nerd.
He was a paranoid schizophrenic and needed a friend.
Now HE needed ME.
I shoulda been there for him…

Two years after we buried him, I was was fumbling for my keys one day and this melody came to me…
“C’mon baby…” Then like I said, ALL my feelings spilled out…

So I immediately grabbed my phone, hit record in voice memos, and wrote it.
Now I open shows with this song, which you can see me do here:

Branden thank you because you paid the ultimate price to help me write this song:
Which is cut short for this video, but just click here to download the full version.
This is my way of straight up saying thank you for being a subscriber.
I appreciate your time and attention.

On this version you’ll hear the 2nd (lost) verse. Which I almost always leave out when I sing it live.
It’s not even in the free version I gave you last week. It’s Pretty personal stuff in that verse.
Partly about Branden. Partly…

This O.G. version of the song really kicked off the whole album.
Set the whole tone for it.

So if you like it, you might want to listen to the full album, entitled ‘Single’, by clicking here.

It’s inspired by Branden.
I think he would dig it. At least I hope he would.

Thanks listening. Means the world.
From the heart and from the ground up. -B