R.I.P. Branden O’Tarrow

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This song above is from my album release party for ‘Single’. Fun night! But I wrote this song when my friend Branden jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge…

The thing is, one week before he killed himself, he called me… *I didn’t call him back* What if he really needed a friend and I actually called him back? Would he still be here? I felt like I killed him…

I put my regret and guilt into this song, which everyone is dancing and singing to in the video above…

I guess even guilt can become music that helps people have fun at big album release parties that nobody knows the pain that’s making them dance and sing to… Weird.
Really weird… hmm 🤔

am happy that we have a song that Branden inspired (although he might think it’s a bit over-produced;)

Lol do you agree? All good either way you can click here to listen to my latest album, called ‘Single’.

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