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* EMMY winner Beth Ruyak interviews Brian on Capital Public Radio
* "the hermit emerges" in Sac. News & Review
* Nicaragua trip / Bernie Sanders / UBO Mag

shrug smile with drum

* Brian Solo Show Review
* Brian Rogers Solo Show Review #2
* Brian Chris
* ‘Two Step’
* ‘The Nibblers'
* ‘Izabella’
* ‘Four Guys From Reno’






JOHN POPPER of BLUES TRAVELER – “Brian Rogers is good music.”

HALL of FAME Singer / Bassist LARRY GRAHAM – “I esp. love his lyrics and bass.”

EMMY winner BETH RUYAK – “An extraordinary vocalist, drummer and bassist who dances with music and language. There is a radiance that really comes from him, aside from the music…”

“Really great video – great arrangement & production in the song. Love your voice. Congrats! Great Work.” –DEREK SIVERS, creator of CD BABY
(world’s largest indie music store)


I rolled out of bed and my friends forced me to play their upright bass… I don’t play upright bass- They filmed me anyways. It’s up to 24,000 views. Not horrible:)


I’m the guy at 0:18 chopping the air in this Hobo Johnson’s video. It’s up to 12.1 million views. Not horrible. Not horrible at all:)