R.I.P. Branden O’Tarrow

One week before he died, he called me to hang out. But I was too busy.
He was my first real bandmate. I coulda done more for him…

Two years after we buried him, I was was fumbling for my keys and it came to me…

I immediately grabbed my phone, hit record in voice memos and sang:
“C’mon baby let’s fly…” whyyyy would you want to die…”

Then EVERYTHING spilled out:

ALL my feelings came out

I had written my first hip hop song inside my Notes app…

But it’s come a long way.
Just peep the audience reaction in the video below:

Sorry to cut it so short!
I thought 3:33 was a cool length (and also respectful of your time!)

But here’s the full version:

Just click here to download it FREE as a straight up thank you for being a subscriber.
I really appreciate your time.

This version includes the 2nd verse which I almost always edit out – it’s mostly about Branden.

If you like it, you’ll prolly dig the full version of my latest album ‘Single’, which you can peep here.
I think B woulda dug it.

Thanks for listening. I’ve leaned on music through the toughest times.
I hope this song lifts you up too, if needed.

I only wish it could’ve lifted my Bandmate up too.
RIP Branden, you are missed.

From the heart and from the ground up. -B