What is “Mello Judith”?

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a trio dressed in 90s clothing sagging hard

Here’s what they look like (above).
That’s me on the left (you guessed it_
That’s Justin kneeling down (yes the Justin Farren, this was 100 lifetimes ago…)
And that’s Will Busfiekd in the middle.

This was at the old B St. Theater, owned by Will’s uncle…
And His Dad is Tim Busfield (30 Something, Field of Dreams, Revenge of the Nerds), theirs was a very dramatic family.

Here’s what Mello Judith (btw my second band ever), sounds like:

“I Can’t Wait”, this song, was the first song I EVER brought to any band…

It’s since been played in many bands…

Thanks guys for letting me do that.
It only carved the path for the rest of my life:)

The Mello Judith album (‘My Elephant’s Freedom’) is out of print and not for sale..

But if you like it, you might wanna check out my most recent album, ‘Single’, by clicking here.

Thank you for listening, means the world!

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