Brian Rogers is a Nouveau Beatnik Bassist Songwriter from California who has fused jazz with rapid fire spoken word lyrical delivery. He’s a passionate performer, like a “cheetah on the hunt” a friend once said.

My Ideal fan:

is a 34 year old man.
He goes by ‘Unity’, we don’t know his given name.
He’s a fan of jazz-fusion, spoken-word artists like Gil Scott Heron.
Or a fan of other audiences, like conscious hip hop artists Common and Lauryn Hill.
Or even a fan of weird rap like Chldish Gambino.
He listens to jazz and loves “woke” art of all kinds.
He loves amazing graffiti and wants more of it in his city.
He values diversity and surrounds himself with all kinds of people, and he lives a passionate lifestyle like “making a living off his art” (or finding a way to contribute to the art community after his 9-5)
He has a 4-year old kid and enjoys showing her “a different way to live life”
He loves:
Natural hairstyles
Thrift shopping for dope clothes
Is more a fan of volunteering or “giving back to the community” than marching in the streets
He’s into meditation or low key spirituality, but is not really religious per se.
Smokes Weed
Doesn’t drink much
He occasionally goes vegetarian or vegan
Loves diverse food from different cultures: Ethiopian, Mexican, Thai, Sushi, Soul Food, Burgers, a diverse palette, and loves some diverse flavor in his music as well. Lives in Oakland
Born and raised a city kid.