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Dreadlocks flying playing bassCHRIS TUCKER – “Brian’s a genius.”

HUFFINGTON POST – “Extreme talent.”

EMMY Winner, Beth Ruyak – “He dances with music and language. There is a radiance that really comes from him, aside from the music… He’s an extraordinary vocalist, drummer and bassist who brings joy and brightness to every stage and conversation.”

When Brian’s music career chewed him up and spit him out, he had to go within and find a new “Why”. His journey back to life was long, hard and painful, but it inspired songs filled with wisdom from hard knocks and failure. He now sings to those who got knocked down to get back on their feet, and fly again. Straight up, if you like Uplifting Gurus like Trent Shelton, Enlightening Spoken Word Artists like Prince EA, or just funky bass/music that feels good, then you’ll love Brian Rogers whole vibe – energy and music.

Brian’s music has been heard on MTV, in a stadium of 17,000 and on national radio, but recently on local radio he confessed how he once had a panic attack thinking of struggles between black and white people in America: “I had like, this knot in my chest. I couldn’t even breathe for like 25 minutes”… But then, he remembered his bright musical light could help black, brown, red, yellow, white & LGBTQ people see their oneness: “The only thing I could do was write this song, called I Appreciate. That was my only relief”…

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So enter your name and email now, and discover why people follow Brian just to be inspired, and then you add in the music: “There is a radiance about him, aside form the music.” – EMMY Winner, Beth Ruyak. “Extreme talent.” – Huffington Post. “Brian’s a genius.” – Chris Tucker.