Tis the Season

Here’s a clip of my performance last week for the kids at West Campus High – I told stories, played originals, covers, they dug it 🙂

Most of the Jr.’s and Sr.’s in music appreciation at West Campus High School, had never seen a live musician before. It was an honor to play for them, and show them that “beats” can be made by a dude with real instruments, vocals and a live loop pedal, not a pre-programmed laptop with MIDI or samples.

They had great questions, and a handful of them were on their way to being great musicians. Those particular kids reminded me of my band in high school, and made me feel extremely lucky to be playing music ALL THE TIME with most of those guys. That’s rare.

Here’s me and those same buddies calling ourselves “Post Grinch”, and you can hear us playing “Little Drummer Boy” since “‘Tis The Season!” Haha check us out:

The next vid is from Thanksgiving, but worth re-sharing here in case you haven’t yet followed me on Facebook and missed it, but its FULL of that Holiday spirit! Its about giving thanks to your friends, family and co-workers (in this case, my fellow musicians) for being great in our lives, and BTW there’s no music in this vid – just the simple act of handing out thank you letters:

If you liked the last video but want some music, you can listen to each song (including “Little Drummer Boy” 😉 )from our entire Christmas album, here: Listen to ‘One Christmas Night’.

Happy Holidays Y’all!
Talk Soon,

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