Tangy Acoustic Driven by Crunchy Electric Basslines and I Literally Smack my Guitar Hard for Drums. Clean yet Raw, like my Lyrics, so get a FREE Download from me because It’s Refreshing to see a Singer/Songwriter 1st, & a Loop Pedal 2nd…

And now you can download 3 of my hit singles for free!

Listen to what others are saying about Brian Rogers!

Brian RogersDENNIS COOK of JAMBASE – “A remarkably soulful lead singer… Brian Rogers, whose pipes suggest… grit, soul and flow but something a touch sweeter…”

CREATOR of CD BABY, DEREK SIVERS – “Video sucked me in more than expected – Brian’s really good on camera, great arrangement & production in the song. Love his voice. Great work.”

“Brian Rogers: The One-Man-Band We Didn’t See Coming… Pulses raced and eyes dilated. We were in the presence of rare talent.” – THE CRAZY HORSE

While Regional Musician Magazine cited Brian among the “best musicians in the world” he keeps his head down, relying less on looping than song, skill before gadget swagger & his eyes open, singing hooks like ‘Lovin’ ain’t so easy no matter who you love, but it could be… it can be done.’ All of his sounds are organically made by “THREE instruments only- acoustic guitar, electric bass and drum set”, exclaims one of his high school mentees.

His talent has captured the attention of Billboard Top Ten Singer/Bassist Larry Graham of Sly & The Family Stone and his uber-good-vibe tunes and bubbly personality make this album the perfect backdrop for a backyard party, or that otherwise boring, even lonely A.M. commute.

For a limited time Brian is giving away a free single from each of his three albums. Just enter your name and email address in the right hand side of this site and you will be immediately sent the download link to the free tracks.

So enter your name and email address now, load up your iPod and feel lighter. Because as the game-changer for indie artists, Derek Sivers mentioned about Brian, “Love his voice. Great work.”