Surrounded by HOT fire…

Surrounded By FireSitting atop our bus staring at the coral looking art piece built to about the size of our bus and covered in multi-colored lights will bring about many elevated thoughts. It seemed as if our quad was the metropolitan of late night High Sierra madness and cool, creative culture. The campsite we were parked in was surrounded by the late night sets of The Neville Bros. and Keller Williams, and in the center of the parade was a show of fire dancing and fire drumming.

The Legendary Rothbury Fest. had nothing on this scene, and in times like these being with a few friends can be handy. In fact, one of the female’s sitting with us had an ever-growing desire to get one of the female’s walking below to expose a nipple and it’s surrounding flesh… and this desire was growing more apparent as she began screaming from atop our bus, “show us your titties!” Skin

She saw me wince and said, “It’s cool man. You’re not responsible for what we say up here.” I protectively responded, “We’re all responsible for everything that goes down here, which is why High Sierra is such a good festival.” There was an unwarranted silence after that in the midst of the party, and I did appreciate the girl’s balls if not her tasteless delivery, so I said: “Just ask someone nicely who walks by and looks like they want to flash us.”

She quite easily and willingly got a beautiful woman in a black cat costume to comply and we all celebrated. Even the flasher screamed out with us in High Sierra glee and dancingly strutted away back into the night, back into the freeway of passerby’s of our bus and the crowd of fire-dancer watchers.

Walking around the next morning with a friend only made everything that much cozier as we explored the city of tents. We walked down the path and ran into some friends from a show in Reno that I’d met the week and a half previous. They invited us onto their front porch to enjoy some homemade jalapeno margaritas Jalepano Margarita and a cooling off session … so many beautiful people at this event, and in this group alone the various shades of everyone’s clothing and skin against sunglasses and the carefully organized Feng Shui of the colorful tent palace, reinforced my thought that this quite possibly may be one of California’s finest sites.

As the late nights continued I slept 2 out of the 4 days we were there. I got almost 3 hours of sleep on saturday night, which was just enough to charge me for our Sunday morning set at 11:45. By that point I needed some church and it was a special gift to be able to provide it! An impromptu crowd of war-worn souls assembled at the Shady Grove stage and we all washed our souls together for the final day and night of festivities. Everyone has found their place and wants to share like mad, the meaning of every conversation is now obvious, and
every friend has now become family.

Face Photo 2
Sunday was most relaxed and if you know how it is to be finally marinated into the festival soup, (you probably do) you’ll understand when I say this was my favorite day. My favorite moment of this last day at High Sierra was the time I spent talking to 2 young fans named Nathan (6th grade) and Cody (3rd grade). Nathan came running over to me and said, “my CD was stolen can you please sign this new one?” Of course, we launch into conversation of manifestation, thought, music, time as a fallacy, being on the road, festivals, and eventually they showed me their juggling routine they’d learned together four days ago when they met. They told me it was practice for their fire juggling routine. They thanked me repeatedly for spending time to talk to them and I was thanking them for showing me what a sharp young mind of our time is capable of grasping- challenging and pleasant company indeed.

I apologize to anyone who came to our late night renegade stage and thought I looked tired. I was dead by that point! The jam comprised of They Stopped Usmembers of Five Eyed Hand, Sambada, Gamelan X, and Izabella was communally named as the “No Pressure band”… so I guess I shouldn’t worry too much about my appearance at that point in the night.  To everyone else who wasn’t there, we just set up our equipment and lights right in front of our bus on Sunday night and rocked out for 45 minutes until we were stopped at gunpoint… J/K prolly for playing during another band’s set but it felt that way,

We had folks about 3 feet in front of us dancing wildly and out into the quad, and for me that performance was like the sun going down behind the ocean in the distance.Renegade Set 2 After packing up, I dutifully passed out on the bench seat on our bus with my jeans on and contacts in my eyes. What a weekend!

Thanks for reading everybody, we love you and we’ll see you next time!

I had to share this blog written to fans while aboard our tour bus directly leaving the legendary High Sierra Music Festival: the site of thousands of our fans celebrating to *Million Dollar Song*. But in ze spirit of ze festivAAL hearz a wackier bass tune called “Juggling Oranges”, dedicated to my two young fire-juggling-fans and… as a thank you for being one of my subscribers It’s Free – no strings attached.

Download Juggling Oranges Jam here

If you like the track you might also consider checking out ‘Single’. It’s my latest album and it’s full of funky pop tunes that I think puts the “real” back in Music 🙂

Talk Soon,

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