So, what IS Eccentric Bass Rock?

half smileRecently I asked my buddy, “What style does Primus play?” without hesitation, he answered: “Eccentric Bass Rock.”

We both smiled, but only I knew I would be using that title for my own music.
Sure, Les Claypool’s voice is different than mine and he sings about Wynnona’s beaver and wears a trucker hat. And sure, I have Bob Marley hair and sing about defining moments, but there are more musical similarities between Mr. Claypool and me than differences …

The cool songwriting, the cool bass playing, the rock n roll attitude… We even shared the same producer, Oz Fritz. But whether similar or different, every musician adds their own touch to whatever popular style of music they play. Every fan hears it different too, so this really does involve you… and that’s also why I think it’s better to just show you what “Eccentric Bass Rock” means to me- I hope you enjoy the video!