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Check out what others are saying about Brian Rogers!

profile picture during sunsetGRAMMY Winning Producer OZ FRITZ – “Brian’s the real deal.”

JamBase (NATIONAL Publication) – “A remarkably soulful lead singer with grit, soul and flow but something a touch sweeter that surfaces on tropical prog romp “Beauty In The Journey.”

WORLD’S LARGEST Indie Music Store founder – “He’s really good. I stand behind it. Great work.”

“Opener “Million $ Song” rushes out with pure summer warmth, a perfect vibe for late night tangos when the company is gone and you’re free to twirl to a great song that just brightens the whole room. And it’s far from the only cut with bounteous potential for widespread appeal.” –Jambase.  In short, if you like pop reggae with positive messages and good vibes, then you’ll dig this artist.

Again, if you like positive vibes, deeper meaning and just good music to sip a Mai tai to as well as really listen to when you need something to lean on, then this might be one of your luckier days – because Brian Rogers makes music that he loves to give away simply because it makes listeners really happy.

For a limited time Brian is giving away a free single from each of his three albums. Just enter your name and email address to the right, and the download link will be immediately sent to you

So enter your name and email now, load up your iPod and stick your toes in the sand, because as a Grammy-Winner praised, “Brian’s the real deal.”