R.I.P. Branden Bryce O’Tarrow

EVERYTHING spilled out:

ALL my feelings came out…

Because my good friend –Branden O’Tarrow- jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge.

Thankfully the security camera didn’t catch his jump- it was too foggy…
It just filmed him disappear into the night…

Golden Gate Bridge on a Foggy Night

Girls loved him in HS- he was that big teddy bear type ❤️
And he thought I was cool enough to be in his band!😳

So he let me play his drumset before I had my own…
For 2 whole years I played his kit- what a guy!

After HS he became a paranoid schizophrenic.
And that’s when we all ghosted him…

He called me one week before he jumped off that bridge-
But I was too busy to hang out 🥺

When I heard he killed himself, I immediately thought: “I killed him”

Then two years later I was remembering him…
Kinda fumbling for my keys one day, when this melody came:

“C’mon baby let’s fly…”
On top of that melody, ALL my feelings came out:


I quickly grabbed my phone to write this song 👇🏾

This video is cut short because:
Too personal for the public- edited out the Branden verse…

[Which is also not in the version I gave you the other day- Woulda been TMI at that point]

But I left it in here- as a thank you for coming this far with me and being a subscriber:
Just click here to download the full, unedited version for FREE.

Branden paid the ultimate price to help me write it-
So it’s really a thank you to him:

  • For simply thinking I was cool when I clearly wasn’t..
    *I played clarinet in marching band 😂
  • For being the first guy to invite me over to ROCK!
    (You couldn’t pay me to rap outside of my room lol)
  • It was Branden and his drumset that got me started…

Who was that person who once started you on something great in your life?

A family member, friend, a frienemy? 😬
Maybe they’re still alive- maybe not.
Or they’re alive and you not longer speak..

But one thing is certain:
They touched you & guided you down that crucial path-

*And now you can’t imagine your life without them.

So if you’ve had that kind of angel in your life, will you please tell me a bit about them?
Please 1 or 2 words (or more!) in the comments below?

It would make my day – Thank you in advance!
And don’t forget you can peep my latest album, called ‘Single’, just click here.

I Appreciate it from the bottom of my heart 🙂 -B

  • SO WHO WAS THAT SPECIAL PERSON who changed your life?