Prince Rogers! No that was his real name…

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The night Prince died I recorded a video of my favorite song of his, “The Beautiful Ones”,

because that song always inspired beauty, eccentricity, melody and authenticity in me. Mainly beauty. He’s been an inspiration to not just me, but my whole family. My two cousins got to meet Prince when he played in Oakland a few years ago, because their grandpa, the legendary Larry Graham (of Sly and the Family Stone and Hall of Fame inducted as a solo artist), was playing bass for Prince on that tour. They’ve always been close friends and actually lived together in separate houses on the same sprawling property.

I met Mr. Larry Graham at his own 2013 concert at Yoshi’s in Oakland. larry graham crop frame He was releasing his latest solo album. He invited me onstage with other close family members during the encore to dance and jam, and after the concert we shared a few words. He mentioned the 1st album I’d ever made called “Dreaming Seed’ (released in 2004 when I was 21), and said he enjoyed it and asked what I was upto next. His son, Derek Graham who was standing there with us later told me that he and his dad had both listened to my 1st album from front to back and after listening Larry told his son, “this is a great album, bass playing and lyrics in particular.”

“Dreaming Seed” started it all, but Prince’s recent passing is inspiring me to do so much more new music – possibly a mashup video of his hit “I Will Die For You” from “Purple Rain”, and “Purple City”, a song of mine not in direct tribute to Prince (as it was written with something else in mind), but with ‘Purple’ in the title its hard to ignore the connection. Also musically and just the way it feels is coincidentally similar, so hopefully I’ll be making it work together on video in the very near future.

But for now, hopefully you’ll get a chance to check out “Dreaming Seed” – it’s lush, layered, unique, musical and sexy 🙂 Click here to listen to it.

Many thanks y’all, talk soon and peace please,

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