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Flying Dreads Light Blue Shirt“Originally, Rogers wanted to be a pediatrician and could only appreciate life pursuits like architecture but then his mom pushed him into music and it actually worked.” -UBO Magazine

“It was spiritual (playing for a stadium of 17,000+) …an attitude of community, as cheesy as it sounds. But It really meant a lot to me because I tend to be an isolationist.”
-Brian in Sacramento News & Review

“I esp. love his lyrics and bass playing.” -Billboard Top 10 singer/bassist Larry Graham

“Love your voice. Congrats, great work!” -Derek Sivers, Creator of
CD Baby (world’s largest indie music store)

“Brian’s a genius.” -Actor Chris Tucker

As the Emmy winning radio personality, sidelines reporter at 5 Olympic Games + Super Bowl XXV and former Good Morning America guest co-host Beth Ruyak said about Brian, “He dances with music and language. There is a radiance that really comes from him, just in his presence, aside from the music… He’s an extraordinary vocalist, drummer and bassist who brings joy and brightness to every stage and conversation. Really beautiful work.” In short, if you like positive spoken-word artists like Prince EA, Law of Attraction public figures like Esther and Abraham Hicks, or if you simply dig funky bass, then you’ll love Brian Rogers’ music, message and vibe.

Brian’s music has been heard on MTV and national radio, but recently on local radio he confessed how thinking of struggles between blacks and whites once gave him a panic attack, until he remembered his bright musical light could help black, brown, red, yellow, white & LGBTQ people see their oneness:
“I had like this knot in my chest. I couldn’t even breathe for like 25 minutes. The only thing I could DO was write this song. That was my only relief…”

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