New Video and Christmas Gift!

angry grinch

Hey y’all,

So I used to be a real grinch, a scrooge, a bahumbug, but I’ve learned a lot since I’ve had to look over my life. I realized that I’m only B.S.-ing my self to be that way, and now I know that if I’m going to be selfish, its so I can be happy enough to help others – not just to be selfish. Kind of like putting your oxygen mask on before another’s y’know? Nothin wrong with that.

So I selfishly loved talking to a West Campus H.S. class room the other day, and inspiring one kid in particular to go on with his music. Very cool. Actually he might even be reading this, and in fact a bunch of you guys at West Campus signed also subscribed. Here’s 2 of the tracks you may have downloaded, but I wanted to make it easy for you to listen right here — just click the links below and listen:

1. Listen to ‘Candy Lining’
2. Listen to ‘I Appreciate’

And that goes for all of you who subscribe to my content. All of you rock. I truly hope you enjoy the music above and all the music so far. Since its Christmas time I’m calling those two tracks an Xmas gift but really its just a thank you.

Here’s a REAL Christmas song, ‘Little Drummer Boy’, in the form of a video — Haha check us out:

the above Drummer Boy drawing by Wee Pals creator, Morrie Turner

Thanks for watching! If you liked it, you can listen to every track off the album here: ‘One Christmas Night’ by “Post Grinch”

Thanks for being a subscriber, and Happy Holidays to you 🙂
As always please feel free to comment below.


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