nor-cali boi brian rogers is neo-urban spoken word and hip-hop fused together with funky-ass bass guitar, you should def. peep…

…for a limited time you can download Brian’s latest single for free!

Listen to what folks is sayin about Brian!

“Dope!!” – Butterscotch (America’s got Talent finalist and beatboxer)

“(Rogers) writes funky songs that use the bass guitar and this reminds him of his Great Uncle [by marriage], Larry Graham, bass player for the infamous Sly and the Family Stone.” – UBO Mag

“He dances with words. And there’s a radiance in his presence, aside from the music.” – Interviewer Beth Ruyak (Emmy award Winner)


It don’t matter if he HEADBANGING onstage at The Rogue Theater, or if he at “Drunk Poetry Night” with no spotlight and no mic. It’s Lit. He even joined Beatbox Champion Buttersotch for a show inside San Quentin prison. He’s opened for everybody, including Warren G, Yo-yo Ma, Boyd and Tim of Dave Matthews Band, Blues Traveler, been featured on MTV’s Laguna Beach and Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast.

His music features live bass that’s hella funky. So it’s best loud. Meant to thump you in the chest. But you will also hear substance – Rapid-Fire, uplifting spoken-word verses. Then a voice that breaks out Hella soulful and takes you to church, then allll the way to the Shady Lady Nightclub at last call, then back home to your happy zone.

For a limited time Brian is giving away the latest single from his most recent album. Just enter your name and email address a little further down on the page, or in the righthand side of this site if you’re on a laptop, and you will immediately be sent the download link to the free track.

So enter your name and email now, turn up the bass, and let it slap. Because as America’s Got Talent finalist and beatboxer Butterscotch said about Brian’s music – “Dope!!”