My First Stadium

head banging dreadlocks in a stadium
I’ve always loved seeing a crowd of joyous, happy people, and if they’re dancing its even better. My favorite band when I was a teenager did this to thousands in a stadium, and seeing that made me want to give that feeling to thousands of people too. I told myself that when I played my first stadium, I’d get my first tattoo in tribute to that moment. Well, I guess its time to get that tattoo…

I never thought that an old man with white hair would be responsible for getting me the most rock and roll gig of my life. Huge speakers and sub woofers blasting our music to thousands of responsive, attentive, loud, arms-in-the-air happy people all celebrating life, in a stadium. And all of it due to a white haired old man.

The white haired old man I’m talking about, is Bernie Sanders…

After opening for Sen. Bernie Sanders at his Sacramento Rally at Bonney FieldI’ve never been the guy to talk politics over beer, I’ve actually been the guy who shrunk and changed the subject when anyone brought up politics. So its ironic that I was called upon to open for Sen. Bernie Sanders, 3 times, on his Presidential Campaign trail. My buddy and fellow looper, Joe Kye, got the gig. We’d shared songwriter bills as loop artists in the past, but recently he got the call to open for Bernie, and he called me to join him.

Joe, a Korean immigrant, speaks more like a Californian than many Los Angelenos do, but his immigrant side comes out when he says he’s never heard of the song “Freebird.” His green worldliness teamed with with my clueless authenticity was evidently the perfect match to entertain and ignite 20,000 people at Bonney Field, right before actor Danny Glover introduced our next president (hopefully), Bernie Sanders.

But like I said, politics and politicians have never really been my thing, although joyful crowds all united for the right reason, is. For me, that right reason has always been music, but seeing Bernie speak to regular folks with conviction, clarity, talking about things that seem to genuinely matter to them and not as a political leader who says what he thinks people want but as someone who leads, has conviction and has empathy and cares for the people around him… That’s why I simply felt the Bern.

So did all the people, and when we played for them I believe we reflected that same genuine energy Bernie was putting out to the crowd. We just did it with music.

selfie onstage at stadiumOpening for Bernie was truly historical for all involved, and there will be many more monumental moments to come. I sense that this is just the beginning of my journey.

Here’s to hoping you are a part of that journey.

You might keep an eye out for future emails containing more free stuff, music videos and stories of the six degrees of separation between you, me, any musical celebrity, great world icon or healer on this planet. Thanks for reading about my 1st stadium gig… I guess it really is time to finally get that tattoo, huh?

If you’d like to hear the latest milestone of my journey, click here to listen to my latest album, Single.

Thank you for listening and making it all matter.

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