I’m Mentoring Someone Who Plays Circles Around Me…

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I’m honored to be working with a young guitar genius named Kathryn Taytroe.
It’s bbeen a game changer✅

Somehow I got to mentor her, and it was set up through CLARA’s “Catalyst” Program.
Which is right on time💯 Thank you Jay Siren for calling me up!
Jay’s a friend of mine who used to book me to play food truck events
(Old friends are awesome:)

But I LOVE what Land Park News wrote in the full article (which I tried to snap, but you may have to squint 😬

*BIG Appreciation for highlighting the local good news~

I see lots of gems, all around… Just budding in the world’s trauma/drama of 2020🙏🏾💎

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I hope you enjoyed the article!
If you’d like to hear some of the music I make, you can check it out by clicking here.

Peace Please~