I Love Bass, BUT…

half smileI love bass.
I love Eccentric Bass Rock (EBR)
I love how bass hits you in concert.
I identify with the BASS as my axe– not the guitar.
Bass sets me apart, it’s bigger and you can really feel it.
Plus “lead bass” is different so it’s interesting to watch.
And also, I’m an introvert, so it sets my mind at ease to practice a bassline…

To truly call myself a real “Eccentric Bass Rocker,”
I gotta give it all up. I mean, everyone has that hidden talent that sets them apart from the crowd… Makes them the only person on Earth
who can do what they do how they do it. Soooo…
To be that artist…

I have to give it everything I got

Truly I think we all have hidden talents that make us all different, all rockstars,all eccentric, talented and freaggin cool. At least every one of…

  • …you 🙂

So please feel free to email me anytime, because I love communicating with every cool person I meet. It increases my own vibe WHILE doing the same for a friend. A win/win.

Playing bass and drumming for my best friends’ songs back in the day was also a win/win- It was the best way to learn how to write my own songs. Those guys wrote folk songs. GREAT folk songs. But folk, just wasn’t me

My chosen axe was not a folk guitar, it was an *Electric Bass* —a Pedulla Rapture 4-string model w/a ‘hip-shot D-tuner’ to be exact– Hell I wrote my very first song on that bass which meant I had found a primal low-end style– but I didn’t know what to call it! I just knew how to play it, sing it, and record my drums to it. And THAT’s how Eccentric Bass Rock was born.

And as a thank you for being one of my subscribers, I want to give you a recording of a kind of “folk” song that I wrote on bass, as a free gift: no strings attached…

Click here to download “Pre-Faded Jeans” for free.

It’s Eccentric Bass “Folk,” and this version is just me on a stool, with just a 4 string bass and vocals. The studio version (which you already have from a few days ago) was*Recorded at Freedom Ring Productions*, but this version is more intimate, I think~ and like 60’s folk it *says something… And if you like what it says, you might consider checking out my latest album, “Run Fast and Swerve:” It’s all kinds of Eccentric Bass ROCK that feels like freedom, and freedom is sexy 🙂
Thank you for reading, I appreciate you.

  • Cheers to EBR– talk soon,

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think, hope you dig it!  v v v


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