“Crank that Bass, Shake dem Dreads And Grab A FREE Download From One of The Smartest Frontmen to Mix Reggae, Hip-Hop And ‘Singer Songwriter’ into a Growing Movement…”

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“I mixed Bob Marley’s ‘Legend’ album and won a Grammy with Tom Waits, so as Brian’s producer our goal is to be diverse, eclectic and make soulful, Grammy-worthy recordings.”

Derek Sivers/ Founder of CD Baby, THE WORLD’S LARGEST INDIE MUSIC STORE – “Sucked me in more than expected… Great work.”

“…he (Brian) opened up for the (Bernie) Sanders presidential campaign… The events held at least 20,000… over 3000 standing outside who could not even get in due to capacity issues.” – UBO Mag

One reviewer highlights the 1st thing people usually notice about Brian – “Rogers brought quite a bit of energy to the show, smiling nonstop with dreadlocks swinging.” But on a deeper level, “Rogers made a trip to Nicaragua to record 67 songs of 25 local artists at no cost to help better education by donating school supplies to their village.” Basically if you are a fan of soulful, uplifting artists for the people like Michael Franti, Ben Harper, Bob Marley and others like them, Brian Rogers is a must have for your collection.

At first glance his joy and rhythm appear to be the hook, but his lyrics and poetic sense are the deep well that listeners get lost in, discovering layer after layer of profound musicianship and innocent calls for love, compassion and humanity… Perfect for an evening with headphones and your favorite herb.

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So enter your name and email address now, load up your iPod and let the vibe get you high, because as Bob Marley’s GRAMMY winning engineer said about Brian and his music, “our goal is to be diverse, eclectic and make soulful, Grammy-worthy recordings.”