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Smiling at the Mic

BILLBOARD Top 10 Singer/Bassist Larry Graham – “Great album, bass playing and voice in particular.”

GRAMMY Winning Producer Oz Fritz – “This cd is an absolutly amazing piece of work. If you don’t have it yet buy it now and listen to it.”

FOUNDER of the world’s largest indie music store, Derek Sivers – “He’s really good, I love his voice “

With music played on MTV and his bass playing praised by the Godfather of slap bass, Larry Graham of Sly and the Family Stone, Chris Tucker called Brian Rogers music “genius.” Rogers takes the styles that we’re all familiar with and makes them uniquely his own, while dealing with issues that are important without losing that non-jaded fascination with life. In short, if you like ridiculous bass players (esp, ones who can sing), than meet Brian Rogers…

The first track off his EP starts with a great hook and plenty of feel good vibe, then starts to slowly blossom, reeling the listener in a bit deeper. Its rich with layers and the arrangements and tones on this recording are at once both raw and refined, a quality many musicians search for, but few find a way to make it sound as fresh as it does here. 

For a limited time Brian is giving away a free single from each of his three albums. Just enter your name and email address in the right hand side of this site and you will be immediately sent the download link to the free tracks

So enter your name and email address now, load up your iPod, and crank that BASS. Because as BILLBOARD Top 10 singer and bassist Larry Graham said about Brian’s music, “Great album – Bass playing and voice in particular.”