“Throw Back a Shot of Something Strong, Go “Whoo!” And Prepare Your Mind To Be Blown By This Eccentric Singer Songwriter Who Features His Bass Guitar…”

And now you can download his latest 3 singles for free!

Listen to what others are saying about Brian Rogers!


Les Claypool and Tom Waits’ GRAMMY Winning prouder
Oz Fritz  – “When I produce Brian our goal is to have fun and make recordings good enough to win a Grammy.” 

Derek Sivers Founder of CD BABY, the world’s largest indie music store  – “Actually… video sucked me in more than expected. Really great video – you’re really good on camera, great arrangement & production in the song. Love your voice.” 

“…Brian opened up for the BERNIE SANDERS presidential campaign… The events held at least 20,000… over 3000 standing outside who could not even get in due to capacity issues.” – UBO Mag

Brian’s personality and sound is a mixture of selfish, introspective singer-songwriter and funky-ass modern bass player who doesn’t give a damn what a singer songwriter’s supposed to be, look or sound like. “A Cheetah on the prowl with his bass and vocals,” said a Sactown Famous documentary. A fan simply said, “If Victor Wooten sat on a stool and sang you a good song in a small theater, that’s Brian.” Basically if you are a fan of Eccentric frontmen who play bass, write and sing songs like Larry Graham, Sting, Getty Lee, Flea, Les Claypool and others like them, Brian Rogers is a must have for your collection.

His music is perfect for that inspirational kick in the ass or will maybe make you wonder why you started playing bass in the first place, even though he’s the first to admit “there are tons of better bass players, i’m just a vessel, and its all about the song”…

For a limited time Brian is giving away a free track from each of his three albums. Just enter your first name and email address in the right hand side of this site and you will be immediately sent the download link to the free tracks.

So enter your name and email address now, load up your iPod and expect for your mind to be blown, because as Les Claypool and Tom Waits GRAMMY Winning prouder said about Brian and his music, “When I produce Brian our goal is to have fun and make recordings good enough to win a Grammy.”