Damn I Remember Being So Scared…

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Damn I Remember Being So Scared…

This was probably the first time I was hired for a “gig”

Y’know like, a “gig”, meaning:
-Nobady’s there to see you
-You were hired to play “music” for 3 hours
-In the first hour people are just annoyed with the “noise”
-Success means drunk people spilling beer on your gear because there’s no stage
-You must somehow hold the attention of a cold audience, BY YOURSELF, for 3. whole. hours…

And at that point, I only knew like 45 minutes (at most) of cover songs…

So I was “jamming”, “Stretchin”, BS’n, playing originals nobody wanted to hear, talking…
Just doing whatever I could to make it through.

Looking back, I am so grateful for that.
Really made me ready for anything, anytime, anywhere, from anyone…

Made me ready for the world.
You GOTTA be able to entertain.
Not just play your songs for people who know and love you…

I mean play for a racist guy who’s looking at me sideways…
Even said something about my dreadlocks as I was setting up.

Sometimes you gotta get THAT guy smiling and having a good time smh

I appreciate all these experiences.
Lead me to who I am today.
Put some real meaning behind my music…

Ad a solid appreciation that I get to make, share, and have people appreciate my own 🙂
If you wanna check it out, you can always click here to listen here to my latest album, ‘Single’.

Thanks for listening. Really.
You know how much it means 🙂

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