Moments on the Road…

The road is where dreams are born and where dreams die to make room for new ones. These are stories from the never-ending road trip of touring and life…

“The Attitude Test”

Staring at camera with my bass


I’ve passed the “attitude test” several times in my life, most notably in 2010. I was at La Garanacha, an outdoor patio taqueria. I was sitting on a bench and waiting for my burrito, when a police officer came from around the corner and pulled a gun on me. She told me to freeze, put […]

Our Gig at Folsom Prison

Entering Folsom Prison


My good friend Justin Farren and I played for inmates in Folsom Prison yesterday, and



The night Prince died I recorded a video of my favorite song of his, “The Beautiful Ones”,

Cheerleader ACTUALLY Backflips For Music?..


I didn’t like music as a kid. There, I said it. I’m even proud to say it because my journey into loving music was a serendipitous one but at first I was forced to play. Mom just about dragged me to the music store in tears and I became hooked on clarinet, but that was […]

Interview with EMMY Award Winner Beth Ruyak


In high school, I told my first girlfriend that she’d see me on MTV one day. Well, she “heard” me on MTV, and the ‘City of Angels’ (Los Angeles for the layman) played a pivotal part in that. Karma, an international superstar, and the city of angels put a spell on me~ Here’s the story […]

Playing For Chris Tucker


The music player below has an audio version for everyone who is like me and hates to sit there reading, just hit play after it loads 😉 Most of planet Earth knows Chris Tucker as ‘Smokey’ from the cult movie ‘Friday.’ Or a cop with Jackie Chan in the blockbuster smash’Rush Hour,’ or even Beaumont in […]