Our friend Bob’s house burned down in the mid 90’s. My Dog Cricket
When it burned, Bronks (his dog) made it out the back gate just in time before the flames took her over too..

We took Bronks in until Bob and his son Aaron (my best friend back then) could move into a new house and get settled…

Well, I guess they never really got settled–
Because Bronksie stayed with us until the day we ushered her into that great dog park in the sky 🙂

Here’s a song I wrote about her one afternoon, called, you guessed it – Bronks!
Just click play below, sit back with your furry family member, and enjoy:)



Thanks a ton for listening and watching, means a lot!

PS – The featured image on this post is Cricket, my very first dog.
(Admittedly, I couldn’t find one picture of Bronks, doh!)
But Cricket deserves some love too, and so does your pet!

In fact, please join the other 200 or so people who posted a pic of their pets, and post a pic of your pet too!
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