Branden O’Tarrow test

EVERYTHING spilled out:

ALL my feelings came out

This was because Branden O’Tarrow – My good friend – jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge.
And Because it was a foggy night, the security camera didn’t actually catch him jump.
You could just see him walk off into the fog…

One week before he died, he called me to hang out. But I was too busy. I wasn’t there for him.
No one was.
We all kinda ghosted him..
when he needed us most.

Did WE kill him?
No, “I killed him.”

These thoughts filled my head.

He once let me use his drumset when I didn’t have one.
Back in the day he thought I was cool enough to be in his band, when no one else did..
Now was a paranoid schizophrenic, who needed a friend.
Now HE needed ME.
And I wasn’t there for him…

Two years after we buried him, I was thinking about him and kinda fumbling for my keys one day when this melody came to me…
“C’mon baby let’s fly…” Then like I said, ALL my feelings spilled out…

So I immediately grabbed my phone, hit record in voice memos, and wrote it.
Now I open shows with this song, which you can watch some of here:

This video was cut short, but this song is my way of thanking you for being a subscriber- It really means a lot 🙏🏾
Just click here to download the full unedited version for free.

This version has the lost verse (which is not even in the version I gave you the other day) which is filled with pretty personal stuff that I only want my subscribers to hear— not the general public😳

It’s also a thank you to Branden, who paid the ultimate price to help me write it.

Not saying every word is about him.. but he was the guy who first handed me his drumsticks y’know? Then let me play his kit before I had my own (for a year and a half!)

His Mom’s house is where we practiced every Friday after school.

I’ll never forget the smell of potpourri and chocolate chip cookies at Margaret’s house 🙂

The sunlight shining through the windows.

The home cooked lasagna Margaret had hot and ready for us at breaks.

Then after practice playing basketball in their  front driveway as the sun set.

Looking back it was such warm, safe, story-book start to what was to be a rocky, fun, dangerous journey through the music biz ahead…

And I’ll forever appreciate that womb Branden and his Mom provided me in the beginning.

How about you?

Who was that person who once started you on something great in your life?

-Maybe they’re still here
-Maybe you are great friends!
-maybe you no longer talk to them
-maybe they’re passed on🙏🏾

Maybe it’s a family member, a friend, or even a frienemy:)

But one thing’s for sure:
They touched you and changed you and guided you in that crucial direction-

*And now you can’t even imagine your life without their influence.

So if you’ve had that special person in your life, will you please leave a comment below, telling me who they are?

I would be very grateful 🙏🏾

And don’t forget to grab your free download of the full version of “C’mon Baby” here: it really set the tone for the whole album…

So if you like it, you might want to listen to the full album, entitled ‘Single’, by clicking here.

I think Branden would dig what we’re doing here💯

  • SO WHO WAS THAT SPECIAL PERSON who changed your life?

Thank you! (And please share, it might actually change a life~ You never know!)

I Appreciate it from the bottom of my heart, and from the ground up,