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After joining the Nibblers in 2012 as lead soul singer and frontman, the band were inducted into California city’s Hall of Fame by receiving their 3rd “Best Funk” SAMMIE award (Sacramento’s “Grammys). Greatly honored, Brian placed the threorhetical plaque next to his physical “Best Jazz SAMMIE Hall of Fame” plaque he received in 2007 for Best Jazz after earning 3 SAMMIE awards 3 years in a row with his jazz group, Four Guys From Reno. (He let the other Nibblers keep the plaque at home this time).

Since 2012 and 2007, Brian has spent his time touring internationally, building his fan base, honing his sound and writing tons of new songs featuring the soulful voice he lender to many Nibblers shows and belts to the congregation almost every week a CSA (The Center For Spiritual Awareness). He has been a singer, drummer, bassist and founding band member for his church since it’s inception in 2000, when he performed for free every week for the 1st couple years. Now the church fills a 300 seat capacity room nearly every week, and having started in a small, seedy building between two cheap motels he attributes much of the success to the Rev. Dr. Georgia, the wonder staff, repeat volunteers and considers this no small feat. Of his part in it he says: “Maybe the band had a little to do with it ;)”

The church recently moved to a more congenial location on Starboard Avenue in West Sacramento where they now rent the building to other churches starting out. Brian’s own sound has much of the gospel grit he learned at church, but borrows from the genres he grew up with and 1st loved: hip hop, alternative rock, jazz and reggae. He considers himself a musician 1st, a singer/songwriter 2nd, an entertainer 3rd and somewhere in there, he says there is “some kind of inspirational speaker slash comedian.”

Brian Rogers is nothing else if not a performer, and having shared the bill with Ben Harper, The Killers, Counting Crows, Snoop Dogg, No Doubt and countless others, his sound is as diverse as the acts he’s performed with, but his own target niche is conscious rock, soul and hip hop. He prefers live instruments over DJs, and plays with a band as well as solo – with the recent addition of a loop pedal, his visual performance edge and sound has expanded and become more vivid, entertaining and layered with the help of organic looping (no pre-recorded sounds – all live, all performed with Brian’s hands on his bass, drums and guitar).

Brian Rogers is a performer to watch and follow in 2016 as he aims to do more of what has been the most rewarding to him: “Play for schools, churches and audiences in the world who feed me spiritually when I serve them with music, inspiration and words that uplift – and of course, I love when they dance and get down too :)” For more info, free music and blog updates, sign in with your details in the according fields to the right. To reach Brian directly, email him at, and for booking info click on the EPK link in the Nav. Bar at the top of this site.

With Appreciation,
“I love seeing the Best in People, and for anything other than that,
I love leading through Example.”

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