“Brian Rogers is a Nouveau Beatnik Bassist/Songwriter who has fused the eccentric Bass style of players like Les Claypool with the smooth, laidback sound of artist like Jack Johnson and Tracy Chapman…”

And now you can download Brian’s latest single, “Foggy Night” for free!

Listen to what others are saying about Brian Rogers!

Flying Dreads Light Blue ShirtROCK n ROLL HALL of FAME Singer / Bassist Larry Graham – “I esp. love his lyrics and bass.”

EMMY winner Beth Ruyak – “An extraordinary vocalist and bassist. Dances with music and language.”

CREATOR of CD Baby (world’s largest indie music store) – “Love his voice, great work!”

CHRIS TUCKER – “Brian’s a genius.”

Oz Fritz won a Grammy with songwriter Tom Waits and has produced both Les Claypool and Brian Rogers, and Oz says Brian is “ready for the next level.” In short, if you like eccentric bass players like Les Claypool, or more laid back, good songwriters like Jack Johnson or Tracy Chapman, then you’ll love Brian Rogers’ music, songs and vibe.

“Have you ever seen a cheetah on the hunt? That’s what its like when he picks up the bass. Its completely natural, primal.” This quote is from Brian’s friend, who was excited to hype Brian’s playing in a film by Tony Savo, of Sony Records. Chris Tucker also enjoyed this intense, unique style when he hired Brian to play original music at a little party he threw for his friends.

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