At the corner pictured below…

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a midtown street corner, slightly overcast

This angry White man kept looking over at me and frowning. He had a shaved head. Standing next to a big white truck.

We were about 7 yards apart. I’d been there about 5 minutes. He was squinting his eyes and lookin all mad over at me the whole time I was there.

In my head I was like “Pfft, whatever dude”.. but in my heart I felt guilty and accused for no reason.

As a Black man I often feel like I’m threatening someone just by “loitering” – AKA standing in one spot. (Unless I’m smiling😁)

And White fear can be the scariest thing of all..

His shaved White scalp, those fiery blue eyes, that big white truck he was leaning against. The tension was palpable..

Finally he started walking towards me. I tensed up. I was ready to diffuse any situation in that moment..

He walked up to me just a couple feet away.
He looked me in the eye and said, “Hey you’re pretty cute. I’ve got a place here in Midtown just a few blocks away.. Wanna get in my truck and come back with me?”

I was profiling HIM!
Lol and he was DEFINITELY profiling me🤣🤣

I shook his hand, said “no thank you but that’s very flattering and I appreciate that.”

He kinda whined a little and then lightweight begged me to come back with him.

I thanked him again and said, “I’m sure you’ll find the perfect guy today. Thank yo- oh hey look at that! Here’s my girlfriend right now pulling up in that car to pick me up 🙂 Have a great day man!”

*This encounter turned out comically refreshing for me, but not always the case. The heart of this matter is very real in America. There are many experiences I’ve had that did not turn out so well that I’m not sharing at the moment…

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