“Far from electronic or dance music, Brian Rogers’ Raspy voice, African hand drum, funky Bass and Acoustic guitar make him One Of The Most Refreshing Songwriter Loop Artists In A Very Long While…”

And now you can download 3 of his latest singles for free!

Listen to what others are saying about Brian Rogers!

Opning for Bernie Sanders, rocking African hand drum in front of 20,000 peopleBOB MARLEY’S GRAMMY WINNING ENGINEER, OZ FRITZ — “Brian’s music is Earthy, quirky and at Grammy-level”

INTERNET’S #1 LIVE MUSIC SITE, JAMBASE – “Bounteous potential for widespread appeal”

#1 INDIE MUSIC STORE ON THE WEB, CD BABY – “Actually… video sucked me in more than expected. Really great video- you’re really good on camera, great arrangement & production in the song. Love your voice. Congrats! Great work” -Derek Sivers, Founder

“Rogers tapped in to a source of pure creativity and we all get sucked into an elevated dimension of improvisational brilliance. Before we knew it, he was in command behind the drum kit while his programmed bass loops maintained a deep pocket of groove. Pulses raced and eyes dilated. We were in the presence of rare talent,” wrote Tyler Blue of Crazy Horse. In short, if you are a fan of songwriter loop artists such as Keller Williams, Bernhoft, Ed Sheeran and more alike, Brian Rogers is a must have for your collection.

The number one site on the web for live music wrote that “Brian Rogers sings with genuine soul,” far from electronic or dance music his raspy voice, African hand drum, funky bass and acoustic guitar is like “a vacation from daily boring life” said a fan of his uplifting, unprocessed music.

For a limited time Brian is giving away a free single from each of his three albums. Just enter your name and email address in the right hand side of this site and you will be immediately sent the download link to the free tracks.

So enter your name and email address now, load up your iPod and light up. Because as Bob Marley’s Grammy Winning engineer acknowledged about Brian and his music, its “Earthy, quirky and at Grammy-level.”